What Artists Do for Fun on a Saturday Night

I recently planned an informal gathering at my home and invited a number of friends who I know are artists and writers to come and share some of their work in progress. The idea was to be seen/heard and inspired in our work. I got the house ready. I manic-baked chocolate chip cookies (and also began a pumpkin pie, which was both tasty and disastrous…I tried to make my own crust, ‘nuff said). At the last minute, several people flaked out (unlike my pie crust) and our gathering was reduced to three souls, staring blankly at each other while I brushed dried cookie dough from my sweater (I clearly need an apron).

After a few moments of despondency, we changed course and decided to re-purpose the evening. Which translates to PHOTO SHOOT using random stuff I had around my house.

Photo cred goes to Kate Creech for the following pics: